Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Computers.

Q19. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using computers?
Ans. Following are the advantages of using computers:

  1. Speed:

Computers are much faster as compared to human beings. A computer can perform task in minute that may take days if performed manually. A modern computer can execute millions of instructions in one second.

  1. High Storage Capacity:

Computers can store a large amount of information in very small space. A CDROM of 4.7 inch diameter can store all the 33 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica and will still have room to store more information. Bubble memories can store 6,250,000 bits per square centimeter of space.

  1. Accuracy:

Computers can perform all the calculations and comparisons accurately provided the hardware does not malfunction.

  1. Reliability:

Computers are immune to tiredness and boredom or fatigue. Thus they are more reliable than human beings.

  1. Versatility:

Computer can perform repetitive jobs efficiently. They can solve labor problem or do hazardous jobs in hostile environment. They even can work in the areas where human brain can err for instance observing motion of very fast moving articles. Also they can work with different types of data and information like graphics, audio, visual, characters etc.


Following are the disadvantages of computers:

  1. Lack of Decision Making Power:

Computers cannot decide on their own. They do not possess this power which is a great asset of human beings.

  1. IQ Zero:

Computers are dumb machines with zero IQ. They need to be told each and every step, however minute it may be.


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