Type of Mirrors used.

Q32. Name the type of mirrors used in the following situations:

  1. Headlight of a car,
  2. Side view mirror of a vehicle,
  3. Solar furnace.

Support your answer with reason.

  1. Headlight of a car: Concave Mirrors are used in vehicles headlights to get powerful beams of light. This is because when a lighted bulb is placed at the focus of a concave reflector, then it produces a powerful beam of parallel light rays. This helps us to see things up to a considerable distance in the darkness of night.
  2. Side view mirror of a vehicle: It is used as rear view Mirror in vehicles to see the traffic at the rare side. (Convex Mirrors are preferred because there always give an erect even though diminished image, they have a wider field of view as they are curved outwards).
  3. Solar furnace: Large Concave Mirrors are used in the Solar furnace to concentrate sun light to produce maximum heat. Solar furnace is placed at the focus of a large concave reflector. It focuses the sun’s heat rays on the furnace due to which the Solar furnace gets very hot.

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