What is ‘Critical Thinking’.

Q12. What is mean by ‘Critical Thinking’? What steps are required to make it effective in a business organization?
Ans. Critical Thinking is the discipline of rigorously and skillfully using information, experience, observation and reasoning to guide one’s decisions, actions and beliefs. Critical Thinking refers to the act of question of every step of the thinking process.

Following skills are required in critical thinking to maker it effective:

  1.  Analyze cause and effect: One must be able to separate the motive or reason for an action or even(the cause) from the result or outcome( the effect).
  2. Classified and sequence: One must be able to group items or sort them according to similar characteristics.
  3. Compare and contrast: One must be able to determine how things are similar and how they are different.
  4. Infer: One must be skilled in reasoning and extending logic to come up with plausible options or outcomes.
  5. Evaluate: One must be able to determine sound criteria for making choices and decisions.
  6. Observe: One must be skilled in attending to the details of what actually happened.
  7. Predict: One must be able to find and analyze trends and extend these to make sensible predictions about the future.
  8. Rationalize: One must be able to apply the laws of reason( induction, deduction and analogy) to judge an argument and determine its merits.
  9. Prioritize: One must be able to determine the importance of an event or situation and put it in the correct perspective.
  10. Summarize: One must be able to distill a brief report of what happened or what he learned.
  11. Synthesize: One must be able to identify new outcomes by using pieces of information that is known.

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