Various Types of Operating System.

Q2. What are the various types of operating system?

Ans. The operating systems are of mainly following types:

  1. Single Program OS. As the name suggests, this OS is single user operating system, so only one user program can be supported and executed by it at any point of time.
  2. Multi Program OS. Unlike single program OS, this is multiuser OS. It support multi-programming i.e., more than one user can be supported by it, therefore, more than one user program are loaded and active int he main store at the same time.These active programs are executed using some techniques, one by one.
  3. Time Sharing OS. This OS uses the time sharing technique. Each active program is given a fair share of CPU time, if the time elapses or an I/O operation is requested, CPU shifts over to the next job waiting and the previous program is put to wait. The active programs are scheduled for execution using certain job scheduling techniques.
  4. Real Time OS. In real time OS, the jobs have fixed deadlines and the jobs have to be completed within their deadlines. The system performance is measured by its ability to complete its jobs within the specified deadlines.
  5.  Multiprocessing OS. The multiprocessing OS is capable of handling more than one processors as the jobs have to be executed on more than one processor.

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