Uses of Concave Mirror.

Q22. Give the uses of concave mirror. Explain why you would choose concave mirror for these uses.
Ans. Uses of concave mirror are:

  1. Concave Mirrors are used in torches, search lights, vehicle headlights to get powerful beams of light. This is because when lighted bulb is is placed at the focus of a concave reflector, then it produces a powerful beam of parallel light rays. This helps us see things up to a considerable distance in the darkness of night. Concave reflectors are used in room heaters. To direct heat rays into the whole room.
  2. It is used as shaving Mirrors to see a large image of the face. This is because when the face is held within the focus of a concave mirror, then the enlarged image of the face is seen in the concave mirror.( because of the same reason it is used as a makeup mirror also).
  3. It is used by dentist to see the large images of the teeth of patients. This is because when a tooth is within the focus of a concave mirror then an enlarged image of the tooth is seen in the concave mirror.
  4. Large concave Mirrors are used in the solar furnaces to concentrate sunlight to produce maximum heat. Solar furnace is placed at the focus of a large concave reflector. It focuses the sun’s heat rays on the Furnace due to which the Solar furnace gets very hot.
  5. Concave dishes used in TV dish antennas to receive TV signals from the distant communication satellites.

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