Types Of Utility Software.

Q1. Discuss different types of utility software.
Ans. Some important utilities are:

  1. Text Editor: This utility program is used for creating, editing text file. Using this program any text can be typed and saved on a disc file. This file can be retrieved anytime and can be edited, corrected etc. Text editor software supports special commands for text editing i.e., you can insert, delete, find, replace characters, lines and paragraphs etc.
  2. Backup Utility: This utility program facilitates the backing up of disc. Backup means duplicating the disc information so that in case of any damage or data loss, this backed up data may be used. The files or folders or even drive can be backed up using this utility.
  3. Compression Utility: This utility program facilitates compression of files. large files can be compressed so that they take less storage Area. When needed, this compressed files can be exploded back to their original form. by compression, the fines are stored in a special format that takes less space.
  4. Disc Defragmentor: This utility program attempts to minimize the fragmentation on your desk. A file is fragmented when it becomes too large for your computer to store in single location on a desk. When this happens, your computer splits the file up and store it in pieces. You can use fragmented files, but it takes your computer longer to access them.Desk defragmenter speeds up access by rearranging the file and free space on your computer, so that files are stored in contiguous units and free space is consolidated in one contiguous block.
  5. Antivirus Software: This utility program ensures virus free work environment. An antivirus software scans your desk and remove them, if any virus is found. Moreover, some antivirus software remains present in memory all the time so that they can detect the virus as soon as they occur and counter attack them.

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