Types Of Output Devices.

Q31. Name three types of output devices. In each case briefly describe the purpose of the device and how it operates.
Ans. Output devices are:

  1. Monitor: Monitor or screen is the most common form of output from a computer. It displays information in a similar way to that shown on a television screen. The picture on a monitor is made up of thousands of tiny colored dots called pixel. The quality and detail of a picture on a monitor depends on the number of pixels that it can display. The denser are the pixels, the greater the clarity of the screen image.
  2. Printers: Printer is an output device used forcreating paper copies of output from the computer. Printers can produce text and images on paper. Very specialist printers can also print on plastic or even Textiles such as a t-shirt.

    Plotter are the output devices that produce good quality drawing and graphs. There are two types of plotter:
    1. Drum plotter
    2. Flatbed plotter

  3. Plotters: Plotters are used in businesses for drawing charts. Architects and engineers use plotters to draw blue prints.
  4. Speakers: Speakers have become a key part of output systems. Computers having sound capabilities cannot work without a sound card. Speaker receive the sound in form of electric current from the sound card and then convert it to sound format.

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