Types Of Input Devices And Their Purpose.

Q28. Name types of input devices. In each case briefly describe the purpose of the device and how it is operated.
Ans. There are types of input devices:

1. Data Entry Devices,
2. Voice Input,
3. Video Input,
4. Pointing Devices,
5. Scanning and Reading Devices.

  1. Data Entry Devices: These devices are used for inputting data( text and numbers). Keyboard is an example of data entry device.
  2. Voice Input: Microphone( mic) is an example of voice input device. You can speak your words or input a sound through mic and the sound card translates the electrical signals from microphone into digitized form that computer can store and process.
  3. Video Devices: Webcam is an example of video input. Webcams is essentially camera that is connected to a computer either directly or wireless.
  4. Pointing Devices: Pointing devices are used to point to the objects on the screen. Mouse, light pen, trackball, touch screen are examples of pointing devices.
  5. Scanning and Reading Devices: Scanners, MICR, OCR, OMR, bar code reader are the examples of scanning and reading devices.


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