Q1. What do you mean by Linux?

Q2. Who created Linux?

Q3. What is the official mascot, Tux of Linux?

Q4. What do you mean by Ubuntu?

Q5. What is Kernel?

Q6. How is Ubuntu pronounced?

Q7. What does Ubuntu mean?

Q8. What is Ubuntu Philosophy?

Q9. How does Ubuntu operating system justify Ubuntu Philosophy?

Q10. What is Edubuntu?

Q11. What is the use Edubuntu?

Q12. What is the manifesto of Edubuntu community?

Q13. How is Edubuntu different from other software’s?

Q14. When was GNU Project announced?

Q15. What is GNU Project?

Q16. Who started Free Software Movement?

Q17. When did Free Software Foundation started?

Q18. What is the full form of GNU?