Working with Operating System – SOLVED Question Answer

Q1. What is an Operating System?

Q2. What are the functions of Operating System?

Q3. What is the use of switch /W in Dir Command?

Q4. Give an MSDOS command which will enable an executable file to be searched in the directory C:\LOTUS, if not found in current directory.

Q5. Give the Dos command to display on the screen all files with filename starting from A and extension PAS, present in the current directory.

Q6. What command would one execute to make the parent directory as the current directory?

Q7. What Dos command would you issue to the system to instruct the system to search for any executable command in the given directories in the given sequence?

                C:\DOS,                                C:\ LIB,                  C:\ CUD

Q8. What is the importance of pathnames?

Q9. What is a shortcut menu? What is its significance?

Q10. What is the role of Windows Explorer in Windows operating system?

Q11. What is the significance of Recycle Bin?

Q12. What is the difference between copying and moving files and folders?

Q13. What happens when files and folders are deleted in Windows? Is it possible to retrieve deleted objects later? If so how?

Q14. What is the significance of Task bar?

Q15. When a folder is copied to another place do the subfolders in the folder also get copied?

Q16. What purpose does the operating system serve to the computer and the user?

Q17. The operating system is called a resource manager. List four distinct resources of the computer system. What are the general functions that the OS performs for these resources?

Q18. Explain briefly the concept of time-sharing.

Q19. What are the functions of an operating system?

Q20. What functions are performed by an operating system as a resource manager?

Q21. What is meant by the term throughput and what is its significance?

Q22. What is meant by the terms multiprogramming and multitasking?

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