Q1. Who was developer of C++?

Q2. What was the original name given to C++? Who gave the name ”C++”?

Q3. What is meant by token? Name the tokens available in C++.

Q4. What are keywords? Can keywords be used as identifiers?

Q5.  What is an identifier? What is the identifier forming rule of C++?

Q6. Is C++ case sensitive? What is meant by the term ‘case sensitive’?

Q7. Which of the following are valid identifiers and why/why not:

Data_rec, _data, 1data, data1, my.file, asm, switch, goto, break.

Q8. What are literals? How many types of integer literals are available in C++?

Q9. What is an integer constant? Write integer forming rule of C++.

Q10. How many types of integer constants are allowed in C++? How are they written?

Q11. What is a character constant in C++?

Q12. How are non-graphic characters represented in C++?

Q13. Which escape sequences represent the newline character and null character? An escape sequence represents how many characters?

Q14. What is meant by a floating point constant in C++? How many ways can be floating constant be represented into?

Q15. Write the following real constants into exponent form:

23.197, 7.214, 0.00005, 0.319.