Very Short Questions-CO

Q1. What do you understand by IPO cycle?

Q2. What are the functional components of a digital computer?

Q3. What are the components of CPU? What is its role? What is the function of control unit of CPU?

Q4. What role does the input unit play in a computer?

Q5. What is the function of ALU?

Q6. What role does the output unit play in a computer?

Q7. What is the function of main memory? What are the measuring units of memory?

Q8. What do you understand by the terms Hardware, Software and Firmware?

Q9. What are the main types of Software?

Q10. What are the functions of operating system and language processor? Give examples of language processors.

Q11. What is the function of assembler, compiler and interpreter?

Q12. What do you understand by application software?

Q13. The term ‘Liveware’ in computer terminology refers to.

Q14. What are the main limitations of computers?

Q15. What is the difference between a microprocessor and a microcomputer?

Q16. Who is called ‘Father of Modern Computers’?

Q17. Who devised the concept of ‘Stored Program’?

Q18. What electronic technology characterized each of the four generations of computers?

Q19. The three main categories of computers are?

Q20. What are the types of digital computers if classification is done

(i) Purpose-wise?

(ii) Performance-wise?

Q21. What do you mean by digital computers and analog computers?

Q22. What are general purpose computers and special purpose computers?

Q23. Arrange the following in the increasing order of speed and capacity:

Super, micro, mainframe, mini.

Q24. Which type of computer contains several processors running together? Give an example of such type of computer.

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