Two advantages of Internet.


  1. Write two advantages of using the Internet.
  2. What is a Web server?


  1. Two advantages of using the Internet are:
    • Helps in research and homework.
    • Helps in shopping.
  2. A Web server is a computer or a group of computers that stores Web documents. In other words, a Web server can be defined as a package or container that contains a huge amount of information.

Solved Questions-I

Q1. A software used to open Web pages on the Internet is called a ____.

  1. Browser
  2. Portal
  3. Surfer
  4. Provider

Ans. a. Browser


  1. What is Home Page? Explain briefly.
  2. represents a ____.
  3. Give one advantage of Electronic Mail over ordinary mailing method.
  4. What is a Web Server and how is it related to a web page?
  5. Name one Internet Service Provider in India.
  6. What is the function of FTP.
  7. Give the full form of the following terms:
  8. Lal owns a factory which manufactures automobile spare parts. Suggest him the advantages of having a web page for his factory. Read More …