Difference Between Inkjet, Dot Matrix, Laser Printer.

Q32. Write brief notes on each of the following types of printer. Make clear the difference between them in terms of speed, cost and method of operation and suggest suitable applications.

  1. Inkjet Printer,
  2. Dot Matrix Printer,
  3. Laser Printer.



  1. Inkjet Printer: An inkjet printer is any printer that fires extremely small deposit of ink onto the paper to create impression text on image.Inkjet printer can print 6 pages a minute.

    Cost for basic inkjet printer is approximately USD 100-150

    More commonly used for homes as the unit is smaller and ink is cheaper.

  2. Dot Matrix Printer: Read More …

Mechanism of Laser Printer, Inkjet Printer.

Q19. Briefly discuss the printing mechanism of

  1. Laser Printer,
  2. Inkjet Printer.

    Laser Printer.


  1. Laser Printer: This printer makes use of office copier technologies. The desired output image is written on a copier drum with the help of a light beam controlled by a computer. With this certain parts of the drum surface gets electrically charged, then this drum surface is exposed to a laser beam. This laser exposed area attracts a to Read More …