Social Sins listed by Mahatma Gandhi.

Q24. Explain the Social Sins listed by Mahatma Gandhi.
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi, Father of India, promoted non-violence, justice and harmony between people of all faiths. He stressed that people should follow ethical principles and listed following Seven Social Sins:

  1. Politics without Principles
  2. Wealth without Work
  3. Commerce without Morality
  4. Knowledge without Character
  5. Pleasure without Conscience
  6. Science without Humanity
  7. Worship without Sacrifice.

The first deals with the political field. The Kings of Indian tradition were only the guardian executors and servants of ‘Dharma’. For Gandhi, Rama was the symbol of a king dedicated to principles.

The second dictum deals with the spheres of Economics. Tolstoy and Ruskin inspired Gandhi on the idea of bread labor. Gandhi developed the third maxim into the idea of trusteeship. A businessman has to act as a trustee of the society for whatever he has gained from the society. Everything, finally, belongs to the society. The fourth dictum deals with knowledge. Education stands for the all round development of the individual and his character. Gandhi’s system of basic education was the system for development one’s character. In fifth maxim, Gandhi emphasize on conscience. He said that pleasure without conscience is a sin. In sixth maxim, Gandhi held that science without the thought of the welfare of the humanity is a sin. Science and humanity together pave the way for welfare of all. In seventh maximum religion, we worship but if we are not ready to sacrifice for social service, worship has no value, it is a sin to worship without sacrifice.


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