Semantic barriers, Noise.

Q24. Explain
a. Semantic barriers
b. Noise.
a. Semantic barriers: Semantic refers to the study of meanings of words and signs.
Semantic barriers occurs due to:

  1. Sender and receiver interpret same words in a different manner.
  2. Words carry different shades and flavor the sender and receiver.
  3. Fault translation.
  4. Poor expression power or ability.
    Example: The word “critical” when used by a medical practitioner while referring to the condition of a patient shall mean that he is in a very serious condition.
    But when the same word “critical” is used by a nuclear scientist while referring to the condition of a rocket to be fired, it means that it is in excellent shape, ready to take off.

b. Noise: Noise is the first and foremost barrier to communication. It means interference that occurs in a signal and prevents you from hearing sounds properly.
Some reasons of noise:

  1. In a factory the continuous noise made by machines makes oral communication difficult.
  2. The same way, some technical problems in a public address system or a static in a telephone or telephone cable will distort the sound signal affect communication.
  3. Adverse weather conditions or some fault in the Ultra modern communication systems may also spoil the effect.

Some of the factors contributing towards noise are as follow:

  1. Poor listening: A last moment communication with deadlines main port too much pressure on the receiver and may result in resentment.
  2. Inappropriate channel: Poor choice of channel of communication can also be contributory to them in understanding of the message.
  3. Network breakdown: Some time staff may forget to forward a letter or there maybe professional jealously resulting in closed channel.


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