Science-By John Farndon


  1. Solids, liquids and gases
    1. What are solids?
    2. What is a plasma?
    3. When do things freeze?
    4. What substance has the highest melting point?
    5. What substance has the lowest freezing point?
    6. When do things boil?
    7. When do things melt?
    8. What happens in evaporation and condensation?
    9. What is pressure?
    10. What does pressure change?
  2. Atoms and particles
    1. What is an atom?
    2. How big are atoms?
    3. What are electrons?
    4. What is a molecule?
    5. What is an ion?
    6. What is the nucleus?
    7. What are electrons shells?
    8. What holds atoms together?
    9. Who split the atom?
    10. How many kinds of particle are there?
    11. What is the smallest particle of all?
  3. Elements
    1. What is an elements?
    2. How many elements are there?
    3. What are noble gases?
    4. Why are some elements reactive?
    5. What is the heaviest element?
    6. What are the transition metals?
    7. What is a metal?
    8. What is the periodic table?
    9. Why is carbon so special?
    10. Who discovered radium?
    11. What are the lanthanides?

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