Proxemics (Space Language) And Haptics.

Q25. Define the term Proxemics (space language) and Haptics.

Proxemics (space language): The space here means the distance between the sender and receiver of the message in oral communication.

  1. Intimate space language: In this very close contact is maintained within the space of 18 inches. Only very special people like our family members, relatives and close friends enter into this area. Intimate space is very suitable for highly confidential talks and decision convening sensitive matters.
  2. Personal space language: Personal space extends from 18 inches to 4 feet. People have normal conversation with close friends, colleagues and visitors. Nature of communication is more or less personal and is generally relaxed and casual.
  3. Social space language: Social Space extends from 4 feet to 12 feet used for formal and official relationship.
  4. Public space language: Public space extends beyond 12 feet. Public address system may have to be used. Public announcements and election rallies are best examples of public space language.

Haptics: It means communication true touch. How we touch, send important message about us. It reveals our status, are attitudes and even our needs.

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