Process Of Negotiation.

Q28. Explain steps in the process of negotiation.
Ans. The steps in negotiation are as follows :

  1. Preparing:
    1. Get prepared by setting the objectives of negotiation.
    2. Determine the limits within which to negotiate.
    3. Prioritize your objectives under like, intend and must .
    4. Assess the relative strength and weakness of the parties.
  2. Arguing: This is the actual process of negotiation.
    1.  Both the parties put forward their expectations before each other.
    2. The aim is to forcefully inform the other party of the logic and strengths once.
    3. Both the parties should listen and understand each other.
    4. Negotiation tends to fail when parties get hostile. Hence the parties should adopt a flexible approach.
  3. Signaling: The parties should be alert of the following aspects:
    1. Signals made by each party, to indicate his willingness to move.
    2. Rewording of the proposals.
    3. It refers to verbal or nonverbal clues.
    4. Any signs of Movement in the argument.
  4. Proposing: It is a gesture to overcome arguments, because arguments cannot be negotiated.
  5. Packaging: This phase involves considering various proposals that appeared and an overall suggested solution for consideration of the other party.
  6. Closing and agreeing: Closing means ending the bargaining and reaching a stage where we force the opponent to make a decision on agreeing or otherwise.

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