Process Of Communication.

Q1. Explain clearly the process of Communication.
Ans. Communication is a two- way process in which an exchange of ideas or thoughts linking the sender and receiver towards a mutually accepted direction or goal consisting of 7 elements which are as under:

1. Sender: The process of communication begins with a sender, the person who has an idea and desires to exchange it.
2. Encoding: The sender puts his/ her ideas or facts in to words, symbols, pictures or gestures that the receiver can understand.
3. Message: A message refers to what is being communicated. It may be verbal or nonverbal.
4. Channel: Channel is the medium through which message is transmitted to the sender. Channel maybe in oral or written forms.
5. Receiver: It is any person who notices and attaches some meaning to the message.
6. Decoding: The receiver translate the words and symbols used in the message into ideas and interpret it to attain its meaning.
7. Feedback: Ultimately receiver reacts or responds to the communication send by the sender. It could be based on clear interpretation of the symbols send or misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the symbols sent.

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