Operating System as a Resource Manager and its General Function on these Resources

Q17. The operating system is called a resource manager. List four distinct resources of the computer system. What are the general functions that the OS performs for these resources?

  1. Memory
  2. CPU
  3. Input/output devices
  4. Programs
  5. Data

The general functions that OS performs are:

For memory it should be effectively used and allocated to the programs asking for it. There should not be any idle memory and a waiting program at the same time.

For CPU – it should be allocated to the job(s) waiting for it so as to minimize its idle time, increase system’s efficiency and meet job’s deadline if any.

For I/O devices – proper device management that is, allocation of I/O channel and device to a job asking for it, in minimum wait time and ensure user free environment.

For PROGRAMS and DATA – proper storage for them. Ensure their protection and avoid any illegal use of them.

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