Numerical Solved by Shortest Job First Scheduling Algorithm

Q8. Consider the following:

Arrive Time             Process                Burst Time

0                               P1                        10

1                               P2                        4

2                               P3                        3

3                               P4                        1  

Draw Gantt Chart and calculate average turnaround and waiting time using Shortest Job First Scheduling Algorithm.

Grant Chart:

P1 P2 P4 P2 P3 P1

0           1                     3           4                         6                               9                              18

Turnaround Time





Average Turnaround Time



=7.77 ms

Waiting Time

P1’s waiting time=9-1=8

P2’s waiting time=4-3=1

P3’s waiting time=6-2=4

P4’s waiting time=3-3=0

Average Waiting Time



=3.25 ms

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