Memory Card And Its Types.

Q42. What is memory card? Discuss briefly its types.

Ans. Memory card also called a flash memory card or a storage card is a small storage medium used to store data such as text, pictures, audio and video for use onĀ  small, portable or remote computing devices.
There are many types of memory cards:
1. Smart media cards: Smart media cards removable flash Memory Cards that can be used in several different types of digital devices including digital cameras, digital music players and digital voice recorders. Smart media cards are thinner than credit card and smaller than a box of matches. The smart media data format is based on the ATA and DOS file standard.

2. Extreme digital (XD) card: An extreme digital card is able to read and write data faster than any other storage media and yet is more economical with battery power. Extreme cards are designed to operate in a wide temperature range from -25 to 85 degree Celsius(-13 to 185 degree Fahrenheit).

3. Multimedia card ( MMC): weighting less than 2 grams. Multimedia cards are suitable for portable devices like digital audio players, digital camera and PDA. There is low power draws makes them highly suitable fob battery powered mobile applications.

4. Secure digital card (SD card): Secure digital card is basically the second generation multimedia card. A Digital card is a highly secure and reliable small flash memory with a write protection switch.

5. Compact flash cards: Compact flash is the de facto standard to flash memory storage. It is used everywhere from digital cameras to MP3 players to embedded systems. There are two variants of compact flash: Type 1& type 2.

6. Memory stick: Memory sticks are high capacity and high performance memory cards. Unlike the other memory card types, the memory stick is a proprietary standard invented by Sony. Memory stick uses a serial interface to transfer data between the host device and the card.

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