Group Conflicts.

Q26. What do you understand by ‘group conflicts’? How shall these be managed effectively? Explain.
Ans. Group conflict is an ‘express struggle’ between two interdependent parties. It can be defined as a disagreement between two or more individuals or group with each individual trying to gain acceptance of its view or objectives over other.


  1. Expression: The two sides must communicate/ express the problem for their conflict.
  2. Perception: Conflict evolves perceptions in the two sides may I only perceive that their goals, resources and interference are incompatible with each other.

Managing conflicts: The climate in which conflict is managed is important. It is essential to plan communications to foster a supportive climate, marked by emphasis on:

  1. Presenting ideas or options.
  2. Problem Orientation- focusing on attending the task.
  3. Spontaneity- communicating openly and honestly.
  4. Empathy- understanding another person’s thoughts.
  5. Equality- asking for opinions.
  6. Willing to listen to the ideas of others.

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