Functions Of Interpersonal Communication.

Q30. Explain the functions of interpersonal communication.
Ans.The functions of interpersonal communication are:

  1. Gaining information: Interpersonal communication provides information and knowledge about other persons. This helps in communicating more effectively with others. Knowing a person helps to predict he thinks, feels and acts.
  2. Building understandings: Interpersonal communication helps to understand in a better way as to what someone says in a given context. Words can mean very different things depending on how they are said or in what context.
  3. Establishing identity: Interpersonal communication helps to establish the person, on the basis of relationship and image.
  4. Interpersonal needs: Interpersonal Communication helps to fulfill the interpersonal needs which are as follows:
    • The need to lead others and prove one’s abilities which find its outlet in a group.
    • The need of recognition and developing relationships with members of group.

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