Q1.  Mention five important features of XML.

Q2. What is a well-formed document?

Q3. What is a valid XML document?

Q4. ‘A document may be well-formed but not valid.’ Explain this statement.

Q5. Write the XML code to represent a sample mark sheet.

Q6.  Create a style-sheet for an XML document for the mark sheet.

Q7. What do you understand by XML parser?

Q8. XML a data descriptive language. Explain this means.

Q9.  List the standards defined by W3C regarding XML.

Q10. What do you understand by the XML document system? Give a pictorial representation of XML document system.

Q11. Write the name of the following statement:

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf- 8”standalone=”yes”?>

Q12. What is the use of the document type declaration? How is it different from DTD?