Q1. What do you understand by an internet? Who manages it (internet)?

Q2. Write down the steps of the process of sending and receiving data or information through Internet.

Q3. Name the different volunteer organizations that are responsible for governing and administering the Internet.

Q4. Define the following terms

  1. Surfing
  2. Searching the Internet.

Q5. Write a brief note on hypertext.

Q6. List the advantages and disadvantages of different types of Internet connections available in the market.

Q7. List the attributes of WWW.

Q8. What is a dial-up connection?

Q9. What is the use of an Internet for us?

Q10. What are the disadvantages of the internet?

Q11. What is the InterNIC?

Q12. Define the following terms:

Q13. Differentiate between the Internet and Intranet?

Q14.  Write a short note on the HTTP.

Q15. What is domain extension?