First Come First Served (FCFS)

Q1. Explain First Come First Served (FCFS).

Q2. Let’s take three processes that arrive at the same time in this order:

Process     CPU Time Needed (ms)

P1               24

P2               3

P3               3

The processes are assumed to have arrived in order P1, P2 and P3, all at time 0.

Draw Gantt Chart, calculate Turnaround Time, Waiting Time, Average Turnaround Time and Average Waiting Time.

Q3. What are the limitations of FCFS scheduling algorithm? Explain with the help of above question.

Q4. What is Convoy Effect?

Q5. Consider the set of process P1,P2,P3,P4 and P5 having burst time as 10,1,2,1 and 5 ms and priority 5,1,3,4 and 2. The processes are assumed to have arrived at time 0, then draw Gantt Chart and calculate average turnaround and waiting time using First Come First Serve Algorithm.

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