Ethical Dilemma.

Q11. How to solve Ethical Dilemma?

Ans. An ethical dilemma must be resolved by addressing the following points:

  1. Define the problem clearly?
  2. How to define problem if you stood on other side of fence?
  3. How did situation arise?
  4. To whom are you loyal as a person and as member of organization?
  5. What is your intention in making this decisions?
  6. How does this intention compare with probable results?
  7. Whom could your decision or action injure?
  8. Can you discuss problem with affected parties before you make your decision?
  9. Are you confident that your position will be valid over long period?
  10. Could you disclose without any doubt your decision or action to your boss, your CEO, the Board of Directors, your family, society as a whole.
  11. What is the symbolic potential of your action if understood? Misunderstood?
  12. Under what conditions would you allow exceptions to your stand?

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