Difference Between Serial And Parallel Ports.

Q39. What is the difference between serial and parallel ports?


Serial Port: The serial port transfers data serially a bit at a time. As a result, the serial port needs only wire to transmit 8 bits. The disadvantage is that it take 8 times longer to transmit a byte. Serial ports come in the form of 9 pin or 25 pin male connectors. They are typically used to connect devices like mouse and modem.

Parallel Ports: Parallel Ports can receive and send a byte (8-bit) at a time.  Unlike the serial port, these 8 bits are transmitted parallel to each other. Parallel ports come in the form of 25-pin female connector. Parallel ports are popularly used to connect printer, scanner, CD writer, zip drive, external hard disc drive, tape backup drive, etc.

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