Consensus Building.

Q18. Explain consensus building.
Ans. Consensus means agreement by all. When all the members of a group agree to the same subject matter at the same time in the same sense then there is consensus.
In order to build consensus among the team members following techniques can be followed:

  1. Problem solving approach: Whenever some problem arises it should be sort out through problem solving and constructive orientation.
  2. Active listening: To ensure that messages received as intended every member of the group should listen actively.
  3.  Flexible Attitude: A flexible attitude should be adopted by the members in order to arrive at a consensus.
  4. Maximum transparency: Every aspect should be clear to the members. The mandate agenda, proposals, decision rules etc. Should be as transparent as possible.
  5. Options for mutual gain: The goal of a consensus building process is to ensure that whatever value is created be divided in all relevant participant. The key to creating value is to invent options for mutual gain.

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