Steps needed to search information.

Q21. Write the steps needed to search information for the term “Information Technology” using a search engine.

Ans. Perform the following steps to use the Google search engine:

  1. Click in the Address bar of the Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Type in the Address bar and press the ENTER key on the keyboard. The home page of the Google website appears on the screen.
  3. Type a search criterion or query in the Google search box. In our case, we have typed Information Technology.
  4. Click the Google search A Google Search Web page with a list of hyperlinks related to the search query appears on the screen. Each hyperlink represents the name of a website offering books and briefly displays the information that can be obtained from the website.
  5. Click the hyperlink of the website which you want to visit.

Web forum and steps to create a Web forum at

Q20. What do you understand by a Web forum? Write the steps to create a Web forum at

Ans. A forum is website that functions as an online message board. Users can use a forum to hold online discussions on a particular issue or subject by posting messages. Therefore, forums provide an ideal platform to users who want to express their thoughts or opinions about a particular issue or topic, and discuss them with other users.


Perform the following steps to create a forum:

  1. Type the address or URL of the website in which you want to create your forum, in the Address bar of Mozilla Firefox (or any other browser). In our case, we have typed The home page of opens.
  2. Select the Create Free Forum Then Choosing a name page opens.
  3. Enter all the necessary details related to the name of your forum in the Choosing a name
  4. Click the Next step The Confirming e-mail page appears.
  5. Type the activation code in the Activation code text box.
  6. Click the Next step The Forum information page opens.
  7. Enter all necessary details in the Forum information
  8. Click the Next step The Choosing a theme page opens.
  9. Select the Creative Anime radio button to select a theme for your forum in the Choosing a theme
  10. Click the Next step The home page of your created forum opens.

Blog and steps to create a blog on

Q19. What is a blog? Write the steps to create a blog on

Ans. A blog can be defined as a website or part of a website containing the thoughts and ideas of a user. It is written in the form of a continuous commentary on any subject. Other users can read the blog as well as post their comments.

Nowadays, blogs have become one of the most popular interactive modes of communication on the Internet. Generally, blogs contain textual information but you can also share your photographs, videos, and artworks with other users. Read More …

Steps to check the e-mail messages.

Q17. Write the steps to check the e-mail messages you have received in your inbox.

Ans. Perform the following steps to check your e-mail account:

  1. Type the URL  in the Address bar of your Web browser (eg. Mozilla Firefox). The welcome page of Gmail appears.
  2. Type the username and password in the Username and Password text boxes respectively, and click the Sign in Your Gmail account page appears, with the Inbox showing a list of e-mail messages.
  3. Click the subject of the message that you want to read. The content of the clicked message appears.

Newsgroups. How are they different from blogs.

Q16. What do you mean by newsgroups? How are they different from blogs?

Ans. A newsgroup a kind of virtual round table where any user can post message and others can read them. Newsgroups are generally made for sharing information on some common topic of internet or concern. Users can meet each other virtually and have discussions on these topics. A newsgroup is also a great way of sharing images and other files, which can e attached to the message.

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Steps to send an e-mail to your friend.

Q15. Write the steps to send an e-mail to your friend.

Ans. Perform the following steps to send an e-mail message:

  1. Start with your Gmail account page. Click the Compose mail button in the Gmail account page, the Compose message window opens.
  2. Type the e-mail addresses of the recipient(s) in the text box beside To, the e-mail addresses in the textboxes beside Cc and Bcc, if required, the subject of your e-mail message in the text box beside Subject, and your e-mail message in the editor.
  3. Click the Send button to send your e-mail to the desired recipients.

E-commerce, E-learning, E-banking, E-reservation, Online Shopping

Q13. Write a short note on the following:

  1. E-commerce
  2. E-learning
  3. E-banking
  4. E-reservation
  5. Online Shopping


  1. E-commerce

E-commerce simply means using an electronic mode, such as the Internet, to sell and buy products or services. These days organizations are increasingly using the Internet to reach out to their customers by advertising their products online. Business transactions are often conducted through the Internet and many organizations have adopted this mode to expand their market share. E-commerce saves time and effort of both the buyers and the sellers while making a transaction.


  1. E-learning

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