Distinguish between BASEFONT SIZE and FONT SIZE tag.

Q3. Distinguish between the <BASEFONT SIZE> and the <FONT SIZE> tag with the help of an example for each?

Ans. The <BASEFONT SIZE> tag is used to change the default font size in a Web page, whereas, the <FONT SIZE> tag is used to change the font size of the text which is enclosed in this tag.

Example for <BASEFONT SIZE>:



<BASEFONT COLOR=”red” FACE=”Algerian” SIZE=”6”>




This is an example of BASEFONT tag


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Identify the error HTML code.

Q2. Identify the error(s) in the following HTML code. Also write the correct code.

<BODY Color=”Red” background=”School.jpg”>

Ans. The errors in the given code are:

  1. Color is not an attribute of <BODY> tag and the color attribute is written as bgcolor.
  2. Bgcolor and background attributes should not be written together. Because the background attribute overrides the effect of bgcolor attribute.

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Example of an Empty element.


  1. Give an example of an Empty element in HTML.
  2. What is the function OF <HTML> TAG?
  3. Explain ALINK attribute used in HTML.
  4. Give the function of Home Button on the Tool Bar of the Browser window.
  5. Explain the following with the help of an example:
    1. <B>……….</B>
    2. <OL TYPE=1>
  6. What does the following code do?

<A HREF hhttp://WWW.INDIA.Com> Connect to India </A>

Ans. 1. The example of an empty element is <BR>.

Ans. 2. An <HTML> tag is a command to instruct the Web browser how to display the content in a Web page.

Ans. 3. The ALINK attribute is used to specify the color of an active link on a web page.

Ans. 4. The Home Button takes you to the home page of a website.

Ans. 5.

  1. <B>……</B> makes the text bold such as <B> HTML </B>
  2. <OL TYPE=1>:

Displays the list of items with numbers such as :

  1. HTML
  2. XHTML

Ans. 6. This code creates a hyperlink with name Connect to India which connects you to INDIA website.


1.Which is the first version of HTML?

  1. HTML 1.0
  2. HTML 5
  3. HTML 2.0
  4. HTML 3.0

Ans. 1. HTML 1.0 

  1. Which HTML tag is used to insert title in an HTML document?


  1. <TITLE>
  2. <HEAD>
  3. <BODY>
  4. <HTML>

Ans. 1. <TITLE>

  1. Which types of tags are used in HTML?


  1. Predefined tags
  2. User-defined tags
  3. Tags used only for linking
  4. Language-specific tags

Ans. 1. Predefined tags Read More …

Use of the BODY tag in HTML code.

Q15. What is the use of the <BODY> tag in HTML code? Write any two attributes used with this tag.

Ans. BODY tag includes all the tags, attributes, and information that is to be displayed on the Web page. Whatever we see on a Web page is enclosed within the <BODY> and </BODY> tags.


Bgcolor, background are attributes of BODY tag.

Method of viewing the source code of the current page in Web Page.

Q13. What is the method of viewing the source code of the current page in Web Page?

Ans. To view the HTML source code behind a web page, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go online and open a web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to any website by typing the URL of any web page whose HTML source code you’d like to see.
  3. Look at the HTML source of the page:
    • In Firefox, choose View→Page Source from the menu bar.
    • In Internet Explorer, choose View→Source.

You’ll see a new window with the HTML code for the current page you are viewing. If you glance through the code, you’ll see the text content of the page and all the <a> tags for each link. You can select and copy the whole page or any portion of it.