Data Validation.

Q8. What do you understand by data validation?
In a database, data validation plays an important role while entering data in tables. Data validation is a process of ensuring that only valid data is entered in a table. In data validation, certain conditions are set that a user needs to meet to enter data in a table.

Components of the user interface of BASE.

Q3. Define the various components of the user interface of BASE.
The various components of the user interface of BASE can be defined as follows:

  1. Title Bar: Display the title of the BASE document. The Title bar is located at the top center of the BASE window.
  2. Menu Bar: Contains various menus such as File, Edit, View, Insert, Tools, Window and Help. The Menu bar is located below the Title bar.
  3. Tool Bar: Contain various tools for performing standard tasks such as creating a new database, opening an existing database, saving a database. The toolbar is located below the menu bar.
  4. Database Object Buttons: Allow us to create various objects of the database such as tables, queries, forms and reports. These buttons are located in the left pane of the BASE window. Read More …