C++ program to convert inches into yards, feet and inches.

Q25. Write a program to convert given inches into its equivalent yards, feet and inches.

(1 yard = 36 inches, 1 foot = 12 inches)



#include<conio.h>  //for clrscr()


//Main Function

void main()


float inches,feet,yard;

clrscr();  //for clear screen


cout<<“\n Given input in inches: “;






cout<<“\n Output in yards: “<<yard<<” yards”;

cout<<“\n Output in feet: “<<feet<<” feet”;

cout<<“\n Output in inches: “<<inches<<” inches”;


getch();  //To hold the output screen


//End of main()



Given input in inches: 3600


Output in yards: 8.333333 yards

Output in feet: 300 feet

Output in inches: 3600 inches

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