Activity For Convex Mirror, Shows A Full Length Image In All Positions.

Q24. With the help of activity explain that only convex mirror can show a full length image of a tall object in all its positions.
Ans. Observe the image of a distant object. A distant tree in a plane mirror with different sizes. Repeat this activity with a concave mirror and convex mirror respectively.
When we observe the image distant tree in a plane mirror, we may not see full length image. When we try with plane mirrors of different sizes, we find that the entire object when the image is same when the size of plane mirror is at least half the size of the object.
When the concave mirror is used, we do see full length image of the object for certain locations of the object.
But when we use a convex mirror, the full length object of an image is same wherever the object may be located.
Uses of convex mirror:

  1. It is used as rear view mirror in vehicles to see the traffic at the rear side.( convex mirrors are preferred because they always give An erect even though diminished image, they have a wider field of view as they as they are curved outwards)
  2. Big convex Mirrors are used as shops security mirrors.
  3. In Street lighting. Street light using convex mirrors to diverge light over an extended area.

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