Optical Character Recognition (OCR) used, Advantages and Disadvantages of OCR

Q26. How is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) used for data input ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of OCR?
Ans. Optical character reader is used to read characters of special type font (or fonts) printed on conventional paper with conventional ink. These days, OCR are capable of reading/ identifying handwritten text also. The printed characters are examined by passing then under a strong light and a lens system, which differentiates light( no ink) from inked areas, and logical system which attempt to determine which of the possible characters is being examined.


  1. OCR is faster than typing a document which is printed form or handwritten form.
  2. Converting text is editable in word processor.
  3. Advanced version can even Re create tables, columns and even produce web pages.


  1. You need to buy a scanner and OCR software.
  2. It is not completely accurate send text would need proofreading afterwards.

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